Friday, June 7, 2019

What we have been doing week commencing 3rd June 2019

Welcome to this week's blog! This week we started a new topic: Pirates! We thoroughly enjoyed spending time in our new pirate ship shared area. We made pirate ship paintings, treasure maps and drew pictures of pirates. We also made pirate ships out of Lego. In literacy, we discussed what kind of things pirates hide in treasure chests and where would be good places to hide them. We then drew pictures and wrote about where we had hidden our pirate´s treasure. In maths, we have been showing our teachers everything that we have learned this term about addition and subtraction. We have also spent time practising for our summer show.

We will have a dress rehearsal on Monday so please send your child into school wearing their costume. Please ensure that their school uniform is in their bag to change into afterwards. We will also go up to San Lorenzo for the show on Wednesday and Thursday. Again, the children should arrive at school on the show days in their costumes and have the school PE kit in their bags to change into when we return to Milton House.

You should have received an appointment letter to see your child’s teacher to talk about their progress. If you are unable to attend you should contact your child’s teacher.

We hope you enjoy this week's photos:

Reception A

Reception B

Reception C

Happy birthday to those children who have turned five this week!

Friday, May 31, 2019

What we have been doing the week of 27th May 2019

We hope you all had a lovely Canary Day on Thursday - we had a great time celebrating in school on Friday as you will see from our photos!

Congratulations to Reception C for winning the dining room behaviour award!  The class had fun playing in the Nursery garden as their prize.

This week we have also been learning the 'er' sound in phonics as well as practising all the sounds we have learned so far, and reading and writing words and sentences that use these sounds.  We have also been practising reading the non-phonetic 'high frequency words' that we find all the time in our reading books like 'the', 'he', 'to' etc.

In Maths we have been practising counting to 100 and reading and writing 2 digit numbers.  We have also been learning about 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional shapes.

This has been our last week on the topic 'Pets'.  We have been learning about the Canary Islands, trying to remember the name and location on the map of all the islands and learning some Canary songs.  We have also been busy rehearsing our dances for the summer show.

Next week we are starting a new topic 'Pirates'!  A pirate area is being created for the children to play in.  If anyone has any unwanted pirate clothes or toys for the children to play with, we would love to have them!  Thank you.

A reminder that on the morning of Thursday 6th June the children will be going on the bus to San Lorenzo to practise the show in the theatre (but not with costumes).

Have a lovely weekend!

Another 5 year old in Reception C - happy birthday!

Photos from the week of 27th May 2019

Canary Day in Reception A

Canaray Day in Reception B

Canaray Day in Reception C

RC in the Nursery Garden